Hurricane Alaska

by Joplin Rice

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L. I yelled along with this in my car today. 10/10, would do again. Favorite track: No New U (stop chasing).
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Recorded July-August 2015.

Dedicated to Lucy, Kelbo, & T-Brew.

"I like it! So cool to hear cool solos and nice chord progressions that are polar opposites to what I seem to write!"
-Victor Villareal (Cap'n Jazz, Owls, Joan of Arc)

"[Joplin] has decided to plug in his instruments and go electric, utilising his knack for melody to make some pretty killer lo-fi garage rock songs. The result turns out something like a fun blend of classic rock and lo-fi slacker, complete with folk and country undertones and languid guitars licking around the collection of twelve songs, which are alternatively catchy and energetic and swayingly cool."
-Wake The Deaf

"All of it still lies within the realm of bedroom pop, though some of the most finely recorded I've heard in a long time. The real genius behind what Joplin Rice has done with this new album is carry on his sound while continuing to progress simultaneously. It wasn't hard for a moment for me to imagine any of these tunes as his, but they are quite distinctive from Low Hum."
-Space Rock Mountain


released September 18, 2015

Words/Music/Songs/Cover Art by Joplin Rice

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Joplin Rice Lexington, Kentucky

Joplin Rice is a songwriter living in Lexington, Kentucky.
He has released numerous other albums both under his own name and as Ezra Triste.
Every band he forms dies.

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Track Name: Console
if you ask me how i am i'll probably lie
just because i've never been the kind of guy
to share the weight of his problems
'cause that don't change that i still got 'em
if you're moving then why get involved?
be realistic//don't insult my intelligence
i tried the distance thing with someone i knew better
i tried to keep her faithful but in the end i let her

i have never felt this bad
i'm not overstating that
all the people i've done wrong
left for dead inside a song
i could recklessly console
all the ones that i still know
but then where would i go?

if you ask me out i probably won't go
even though you're beautiful//don't act like you don't know
'cause you don't need to be look-aftering
while the rest of your life should be happening
so give me bourbon in a cup
give me somewhere to throw up
give me pictures in the sky
give me someone i can fight
'cause you should be somewhere disastering
with someone else who doesn't understand what that can mean
Track Name: Make-Up Call
if this scene looks incomplete
i can find somebody else
with a marginal disease
i encompass and inhale
in the bathtub there's a different kind of comfort
there's no backup plan, just tiny things
we can command to rot

i'm a burden when i'm hurting
what's the word that you forgot?
when i'm happy, i'm not happy
i'm just thinking someone else's thoughts

if i defend my dull despair
will you turn and laugh with me?
all the language i prepare
laughs along and hails defeat
in the hallway there's a poster for a movie that i missed
ain't it always that the hero never dies without a kiss

kiss and tell
i'll never spell the secrets out for all the curious
so happy//i'm not happy
i'm just thinking how someone would kill for this

make believe that i'm a calm enough killer
pretty to me bitter and deceived
so happy//i'm not happy
Track Name: Eight Stories
the walls are blue from the TV screen
balloons with paper faces shrink
over the hills about as far away as you'd think
over the hills about as far away as you'd think
teeth fall out like fingers bleed
trains depart and start to screaming
wailing by at midnight by your window
wailing by at midnight like a signal

eraser lips for my mistakes
an empty room is my favorite place
a heavy coat for my bad days
i can't keep the sun away
so what's the point in pointing out the moon?
what's the point in leaving so soon?

pretty cleopatra's eyes never really were my type
blue & gold in a picture painted underground
blue & gold & red & ashes floating down
skin still stings from autumn hail
to hell with it/all right i'm well
i'm an arrowhead: i kill everything i meet
i'm an arrowhead: i kill everything i meet

honey lips for my good taste
an empty room is my favorite place
a ballpoint pen for my good days
i can't get the sun to stay
so what's the point in sleeping til the afternoon?
what's the point in waking so soon?
Track Name: Why Didn't I
all that she dreams is of being alive
building a home with the walls made of fire
all that i see of her in floral sheets
bondage complete

why didn't i hum?
why didn't I scream?
why didn't i love?
why didn't i leave?
pull back your hair and see
there's a world behind me

bullshit & stardust and somewhere to breathe
i'll need something harder to pacify me
binary doubles repel & repeat & retreat & retreat
now relax cause it's only a drink & a seat
and a trembling smile for a perilous feat
redone redundant//inspired & direct
you're a killer//i expect
Track Name: No New U (stop chasing)
beat it out quick
predictions don't stick
i'm the exception that proves it's a hoax
propping up sheets
their motion's complete
my hope is they leave me my only throat

stop chasing
happy moments
stacked by the fireplace & waiting for winter
stop chasing
hidden signals
company's coming & no one is running

ravens descend
on hollowed-out men
wasted & high on their bodies
and i could be yours
brainless & bored
what lovely repetitions we could explore

stop chasing
happy people
stacked by the cellar & waiting for somewhere to flood
stop chasing
hidden signals
company's coming & no one is running
Track Name: Destroy
you look like you could use a hand
or maybe something else//i can
while you're at it
tell me how you knew i had it
that's the only thing that i can't stand

we could both decide
nothing gets inside
i've got other problems too
but i could have this one with you

i strike matches in the house
just to watch them when they go out
you have my attention
everything you say i'll listen
promise i'm the only one you lied about

we could both destroy
every other voice
i've got other problems too
but i could have this one with you
Track Name: Catapult
relevant to no one else
practitioner of urban stealth
we love details we love to tell
roaming insignificant
begin again to keep it in
innocent indifference

worried woefully divine
so unfeeling all the time
and all the lies that i can find
don't buy me anything i like
catapult divide decline
catapult divide decline

but in this light
i could come away two at a time
or pull it in and let it bite
but i'm knotted alone
and tight
i'm knotted alone
and tight

terrified an insect dies
its soul explodes and fails to fly
rotting on a summer night
the sound & all the fury
what's the use in being
curiously unpreoccupied
Track Name: Bright-Winged Girl
i was reaching for my hip
i was holding when it hit
where's your common decency?
i haven't seen you recently
if lightning strikes we follow it
if thunder cries we call to it
you're my bright-winged girl
you're my bright-winged girl

i was calling to the craft
blinking slowly i was no weary captain
where's your common decency?
devices that you keep from me
the truth you said so openly
is not the truth that's broken me
you're my bright-winged girl
you're my bright-winged girl

if lightning strikes we follow it
if thunder cries we call to it
where's your common decency?
i haven't hurt you recently
you're my bright-winged girl
you're my bright-winged girl
Track Name: Clear & Present
come again
so i still know you remember how to get there
i need in
there's a distant relocation i admit fair

what are your clear & present feelings?
are you easing it away?

chasing lines
engines roar & children whine
i need time
further complications that i can find

what are your clear & present feelings?
are you easing it away?

i will appear to rise without healing
i will decide to take my place
Track Name: Rocket
up like a rocket
down like a stick
i came
i caught it
the elevator
smelled like bleach
i wonder why
who came before me

errors in the eros
terror in the hero

what's the procedure for this procedure?
what's the expected effective time?
where's the incision & did it heal?
should i expect to lose my bite?

i knew it
i never
Track Name: Brothers
there are things worse than death
and they're all on my breath
and becoming more true
every second i spend with you
there's a world that is good
but it's not this one & if i could
i would leave if i knew
that it was waiting there for me

i will come
i will crawl
i will repeat the sinner's call
i will drink
spread my wings
and cry out when they're taken from me
but that's not all that's expected
it's just a debt i resurrected
from my childhood promises
to a voice that we invent

there are lies cultivated
swallowed whole & integrated
into our dreams//memories
and our smiling families' faces
but if you look close enough
there's a pull behind the push
and a gentle certainty
that existed before me