Nine Songs

by Joplin Rice

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9 songs off my chest to put the hundred in between to rest.

dedicated to the man on the cover.


released December 20, 2016

songs/recording/art - joplin rice



all rights reserved


Joplin Rice Lexington, Kentucky

Joplin Rice is a songwriter living in Lexington, Kentucky.
He has released numerous other albums both under his own name and as Ezra Triste.
Every band he forms dies.

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Track Name: Taking On Water
we're taking on water & i'm going down with it
like any good captain on a slow-sinking ship
i drink how i love: like too much is just enough
we're taking on water
we're floating above

some sunken city that no one cared to name
won't you stay with me & shoulder half the blame
and remind me again why it's so holy to stay friends
you were my light & that's the end

we're taking on water & not a drop to drink
something feels different but it still looks the same
soak up the sunburn & walk against the wind
i'll be calling you later but don't answer it

some stolen whisper just loud enough to hear
i guess that i'll miss her waving from the pier
remind me again why it's so holy to be friends
you were my light & that's the end
Track Name: Left & Wrong
i've been lost for so long
in the better ending that never came along
i've been frozen in time
but the cold it doesn't bite
when the drugs don't feel so cool anymore
what the hell else is your free time for
and i'm struggling to talk about
what i've already figured out

left & wrong
too far gone
left & wrong
too far gone to belong

don't pretend like it's a natural way
to get rid of every passing day
pinning posters to the wall
lying down so you don't have to fall
every word feels like a waste
every kick feels like a quick embrace
i'm not romantic or in charge
but sometimes that's the easy part
Track Name: Long Shot
it's in my head
alone is best
until the sickness ends
this light deceives
cause it's still me
it's just a different skin

it's a long shot
through a tight knot
people say it's easy
well i wish it was for me

and no offense
i guess i meant it
on the other hand
my head makes friends
my heart pretends
i really let them in

it's a tough sell
gonna catch hell
people say it's easy
well i'm glad it is for them
Track Name: Tinker
played another game
and watched him fall onto his sword
took the drunken beggar boy
and made him think he was a lord
with a life worth fighting for

no peace here tonight
i'm watching you one blink at a time
and all the lights outside are spinning like they're sick
but there's nothing wrong with this
i am alive

shaking all their hands
just like a dull assembly line
took the stupid soldier kid
and made him think he was a knight
with a love worth dying for
Track Name: The Wire
don't be scared it's just a prick
and there's really nothing like
stay awake or you'll be sick when you're up

it's a different kind of dream i guess
it's a conversation that we never had
it's a different kind of dream i guess
it's a conversation that we never had to have
so don't feel bad if it goes wrong

don't hold out i'm in this too
and i need it more than you do
just say when or you'll be sick when it's up
Track Name: Heatseeker
no one sees you when you're there
do you do it when you think it?
the beam of light invites the stare
do you see it when you feel it
looking through the walls
turning every corner like a cannonball
so do it
it's a heatseeker & you can't lose it

holy happy incomplete
all the differences are shrinking
satisfied alive repeat
the summer sun rerun is sinking
hiding like a kid
dodging every outstretched arm delivering
just take it
it's a heatseeker & you can't shake it
Track Name: Something Wrong
he looked the wrong way
didn't see that she glanced back
such a soft attack
he didn't dream that night at all
he lay awake inside a vision of himself
he lay awake beside someone else

she got a room
a faded painting of the ocean bolted to the wall
i guess she knew
but she never let it slip until he asked
"hey there is there something wrong?"

he thought the wrong things
started mixing beer & gin
staggered home again
he sat up waiting for a call that never came
suffocating in a vision of himself
never cared to think about someone else

she took her keys
left them in the lock that night after he fell asleep
i guess she knew
but she never let it slip until he asked
"hey there is there something wrong?"
Track Name: Place
just say the first thing i can think
and grab the first thing i can drink
and when it's gone i get distressed
run to the first arm that's outstretched
and then deny all of the rest
their good intentions don't mean shit to me

i don't wanna know
i don't wanna see my face
in the mirror it's a trick
that's not me
i'm not sick
i don't wanna go
i don't wanna find my way
other people are a place
where i go to escape

don't take the first deal that it makes
you can do better & remain yourself
if only just the skin
sometimes it's more than you can take
but when you're sure you can't endure
just hug the floor & take a breath again
Track Name: Over Again
honest showing
not much left
i know i might seem angry
tired instead
call me something
i've never heard
i know it must seem stupid
i keep every word

turn me on
call me when
you're long gone
it's over again & over again

help me hurt less
never want
i know it seems unlikely
it's just a thought
sleep in sunlight
sing with the wind
i know i must seem bitter
but i can't pretend